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Home Health Care Products, Home Care Products, Arthritis aids, Disability aids, Wheelchair Accessories, Walking Frame Accessories, Back Supports, Aged Care & Senior Products at Home Care Products Australia

Dear Customers, as due to our system update, our shopping cart facility will be unavailable from 1/12/14 to 21/12/14. If you need to place an order, please give us a call 02-9871-1899. Thank you.

Home Care Products Australia is selling innovative products to assist people who have arthritis or disability due to aging, illness or accident to live an independent life. 

Our home health care products including arthritis aids & disability aids such as handy reacher, dressing helpers (sock aids, elastic shoelace, zipper pull & button hook), household helpers (pill reminder, non-slip tray, bendable spoon & fork), wheelchair accessories, walking frame accessories and bath tub safety bar etc. are all designed for elderly people and seniors citizens' convenience of daily life.

Moreover, our home health care products (senior products) on our web site can be a gift idea for our friends, parents or grandparents. You may place an order 24/7 online or contact us on 02-9871 1899 or via email on austrend@bigpond.net.au. We will do our best to assist you.

Useful Information of Arthritis aids & How to use Home Health Care Products.

30-day accounts will be provided for Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Schools/TAFE/Universities and Government Departments by placing formal purchasing orders. 


Large Scoop Bowl: The large mould side to this scoop accommodates individuals who have difficulty when eating, particularly if one hand. It has a non-slip suction cup to keep the bowl in place.

Wheelchair Bag: This fashionable, waterproof and nylon fabric Wheelchair bag with zipper on top has loop straps to fit in the handles of wheelchair.

Cup Holder: This cup holder has two large handles to assist control, which enables it to be held in the correct position for drinking.

Tablet Crusher: A grind mill for medicines. Turn the screw top to crush the tablets into powder. Spare tablets can be stored in a compartment in the lid. Suitable for carrying in pocket and easy to clean.

Week Day Pill Dispenser: This is ideal for people who take larger numbers of tablets more frequently each day. It has four clearly marked compartments for morning, noon, evening and bedtime. It is also marked with each weekday.

Bed Rope Ladder: Bed Rope Ladder for home care, nursing home or hospital. Tie ends of cord around the bed legs, use ladder to pull up to a sitting position. Suitable for use in single or double bed.

Button hook and zipper pull: This small device assists in button and zip fastening. It incorporates a stainless steel shaped hook at one end and a "C" hook at the other.

Wheelchair Cup Holder: The mould plastic Drink Holder with tray on bottom and ring on top holds cups and bottles. Fits in the frame of wheelchair easily. Also can be used for food. Folds down when not in use.

U shape Cup: The cup is useful for persons, who have the difficulty to tip the head back or to extend the neck. The cut-out fits around the nose when drinking.

Wheelchair Storage Bag: This ingenious device provides a convenient storage compartment inside the front of chair. It is fastened securely and easily by buckles. The special position does not affect the chairs centre of gravity at all.

Bendable Spoon: With soft cushion grip is comfortable and easy to hold. It has a flexible section to allow them to be bent to any angle.

One Way Drinking Straw: This One Way Drinking Straw is designed for persons with weak oral musculature or difficulty swallowing.


Bath Mat with Foot Cleaner
Tablet Splitter
Sock Aids
Multi Opener
3 Key Turner
Australian Spirulina
Large Scoop Bowl
Walker Carry Bag
Hair Wash Tray
Turning Cushion

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