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Assistive Devices for Hearing Impaired

Alerting System for deaf or hearing impaired



Alerting System for deaf or hearing impaired

Alerting System for Deaf or Hearing Impaired.

By taking advantage of innovative assistive technology, this alerting system is developed for deaf or hearing impaired people to maintain their independent lifestyle. This alerting system includes a door knocking alert, a telephone ringing alert, a wireless pager and a vibration alarm clock with integrated wireless receiver. This alerting system is completely wireless, users can be informed by the vibrating receiver clock when the telephone is ringing, someone knocking the door or someone looking for you by pressing the pager in your premises.

Good quality NiMH rechargeable batteries are recommended for the wireless alerting system. Batteries are not included in the product. The wireless range is approximately 10-12m indoor.


This is the telephone ringing alert transmitter which will send a signal to the wireless clock receiver when someone is calling. The telephone ringing alert transmitter will stop sending the signal when users pick up the phone (eg TTYS telephone).

This is the door knocking wireless transmitter which needs be placed on the door. The door knocking transmitter will send the signal to your wireless receiver when someone is knocking the door. Therefore, the alarm clock receiver will flash the LED and vibrate to inform the user there is a visitor.

This is a wireless pager, it can be used as a service pager or different purpose according to individual needs. For example, paging family member who is hearing  impaired or deaf for dinner when he/she is in the workshop, garage or backyard.

This is a vibrating alarm clock with wireless receiver integrated. There are 3 major functions of the vibrating alarm clock:

1. In the day time, users can put the clock in their pocket to tell the time. The alarm clock has 2 modes; vibrate and vibrate with music.

2. Users can use the alarm clock as a vibrating alarm clock when sleeping.

3. The alarm clock is the alerting system's wireless receiver, the clock has 4 LEDs flashing with different colours when receiving signal from the 3 alerting transmitters. The clock receiver also vibrates when receiving signal from the transmitters. The clock is battery powered, so users can take the clock receiver with you when you stay at different location at home.

Note: Product features are subject to change without notice.

How to care the wireless alert system: Avoid dropping to floor, hard impact, moisture or water, warranty could be void if caused by physical damage.

The alert system comes with one year Australia warranty.

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